Librarian Blogs

  1. The Daring Librarian– The Daring Librarian is actually written by a fellow Marylander.  Gwyneth Jones is the blog’s author and she teaches in Howard County, MD.  When reading her “About me” section, I was immediate impressed with her credentials and accomplishments.  She is a Google Certified teacher and her blog has been nominated or chosen as a finalist for Best Edublogs.  When I opened up her blog the thing that immediately caught be was the colors and images within the blog.  Simple thing to be attracted to but, as a visual learner, this made me more interested right away.  The first posting I saw on her blog was about using social media to positively highlight the things that are happening in school.  She talks about how we need to make a shift towards displaying the positives in social media and in our daily teaching lives.  The post is full of postings from various social media outlets such as Vines, Instagram and Twitter.  Her blog posts range from technology to use within the classroom like Flocabulary to her own personal memories of reading.  I felt good reading her blog.  It is uplifting and overwhelmingly positive.  It is the kind of blog that inspires me to try new things.
  2. Mighty Little Librarian– This blog is written by Tiffany Whitehead from Baton Rouge, LA.  Tiffany is a Nationally Board Certified in Library Media.  I actually stumbled across this blog while I was searching through The Daring Librarian’s blog.  Tiffany’s blog is very easy to read and, as a general ed teacher, I can easily relate to it.  She provides information on what she is working on in her library and examples of how it is being carried out.  Throughout the blog, there are PDF files of items she has used for others to download and use if they would like.  One of the posts that intrigued me the most was her blog post on her “Battle of the Books”.  This just seemed like fun.  She created almost a year long reading challenge.  Students had to create teams and read 10 books.  When the books were read, students engaged in a battle of the books.  They had to use their knowledge of the books read to be successful in this battle.  They used Kahoot and Socrative along with puzzles to create challenges for the students to earn points.  The team with the most points at the end wins! Another posting that hit close to home was about her role in providing PD to the teachers in her school.  I was excited reading about the various ways she has reached out to her staff to provide them with resources and tools to use in the classroom.  Tiffany is also a host for TL Virtual Cafe Webinars.  These seem interesting.  The webinar series sessons are the first Monday of every month.  (There is one this Monday at 8pm on Coding in the Library).  If I am home in time, I am going to try and join in.  The Virtual Cafe is a place that I have bookmarked and will be going back to check and see what is offered.
  3. A Media Specialist Guide to the Internet– This blog is written by Julie Greller.  OH MY! Why didn’t I know about this blog before now!  What a wealth of resources!  Julie focuses on the use of technology within the classroom but she doesn’t just focus on the Library or General Education setting.  She has expanded out to many areas within the school setting.  The amount of links and pages she has created and accumulated is awesome!  She has pages with links for K-5 teachers, New teachers, and Special Education.  The Special Education page was so informative.  As a general ed teacher, it is a place where I can go to look for ideas and strategies for all of my different types of learners.  I know this week I will be using some of the Autism links she provided.  Julie also invites other bloggers to write posts for her blog.  I found this one on Digital Citizenship to be very informative and full of ideas to teach and promote the concept in schools.  Plus it was written by a McDaniel Grad!

All three blogs have been added to my Bookmarks page and I look forward to seeing what new entries appear in the future.

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